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Substance Abuse.

I went to Las Vegas, Nevada just last weekend to see my cousins, grandmother, and aunt who were flying in from Kansas. If you've ever been to Vegas you know what it's like. The smell of smoke, alcohol, and the hint of drugs in the air. The excitement and adrenaline you get by all the flashing lights and music blasting nearly everywhere you go. It kind of makes you want to live in Vegas. I mean why not, right? Party all night, eating out everyday at the various buffets. (supposing you have money to do this in the first place) I can't lie, I would wouldn't mind a good hard party night every other week. All in fun, right? But when does 'fun' turn into dangerous? Maybe after five shots? Maybe after a bit ecstasy? Maybe when you have a mixture of the two?

What got me thinking about substance abuse, was when my 19 year old cousin came back to the hotel laughing, tripping, and screaming my name until she fell into the bath tub. Everything was okay until she began throwing up and crying about how much she missed her boyfriend, who she's been with for five years. She was literally in hysterics before we managed to get him on the phone. All the while I was running for ice and cleaning up the mess whenever she needed to vomit. I didn't mind; I was to busy thanking god that she had at least come back safely. If she hadn't been with my aunt, I'm not to sure what would have happened. So how much is too much? And how old do you have to be to start even consuming things like alcohol? (Not through law terms, just what you think is the right age) Before, I considered 18 to be a good age, that is when you become a legal adult in the US right? So why not start drinking and partying then too? (Legal age to drink in US is 21) But after all the worry from that night, I'm not to sure when is the perfect age, or if people should drink at all. I mean other than the rush that you receive, what else is there to win? There are plenty of other things that you can get a rush off that won't leave you vomiting or seeing things. I just don't know at this point and it has been bothering me. I don't think I'll ever consume alcohol at this point from what I've seen throughout my life (many people in my family drink, some heavier drinkers than others) Thoughts? What about drugs? Any thoughts on them? O_o

Jeff Buckley - Forget Her

Okay so this song has been stuck in my head for WEEEKS! Have to share :)

Writer's Block: Star struck

Why do people care so much about the private lives of celebrities? Is it idol worship, schadenfreude, or something entirely different?

Sometimes when people truly love/adore a celebrity (because they brought something in their life or even made them smile), they tend to want to know what goes on in their private life to feel more connected to them. Not saying its okay to get completely into their business and butt in, but a certain extent is always good fun.

Prop 8 In California

Okay.. so this has been a topic of discussion for much to long and if you ask me, this should have gone through already. So many people are fighting over this, for what? Why would California fight so hard in order to make sure that gay people can't get married? Who said they had the right to say who is allowed to get married and who isn't? It was passed only last week, and so many people were uplifted from the news and were planning their weddings until, BAM, there USA goes and crushes their dreams and plans into dust.

"...Gay couples who had been gearing up to get married in California this week had to put their wedding plans on hold once again after a federal appeals court said it first wanted to consider the constitutionality of the state's same-sex marriage ban."

'Consider the constitutionality of the state's same-sex marriage ban'? Marriage should be a basic human right to begin with! Okay, so your religion says it's a sin. So you shun away from the very thought seeing a man and a man holding hands together and expressing their love for one another. Your opinions, and I'll let you live with them. But just because YOU believe in something, does not mean other people do. The Constitution is all about freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and down right freedom of an individual! Keeping people from expressing their love to their significant other is cruel, and against everything The Constitution is about. In the US, we have all our priorities out of place. Here we are still battling over whether or not gays can get married, while we rage war and struggle with economy. If everyone would learn to just LOVE each other for our imperfections and just accepted one another, we could work together to focus on what the real issues are in this world. The link to ther article from which I qouted from is right here.


It's Been Too Long :)

So out of all the excitement of creating a blog, I let it all get far to ahead of me and made myself commit to posting something everyday. The thing is though, whenever I get too worked up/excited about something, there is a moment that i lose all interest. In fact just the slightest reminder of it makes me shudder. So I've decided to take this blog one step at a time and to just not stress so much about it. (i know, its just a silly blog, how in the world could I be worked up over such a simple thing? I dont know, ask my bipolar brain :p) I'm going to post things and let my creativity enter this blog eventually. I think I just need to get comfortable with the whole thought of typing something up, and sharing it with the entire world (or whoever wanders across my page) I'm not scared of people or anything, but a flaw of mine is that I do tend to get a bit defensive over practically anything due to my past, but hey no one is perfect. In fact, imperfections make us that much more special and unique. Doesn't mean just let them slid, we try our best to work on them. So hello live journal community, and make me a bit of room in this little town ^_^

Jul. 13th, 2010

Funny. I live in Hollywood, where there are so many stars, yet none that fill the sky. :(

All the fame, the glitz, and the glamour...

Curse hotels and their lack of free Internet. Curse my phone and ITS lack of Internet. But most if all, curse the feeling of something you just HAVE to write or post, but your lack of equipment to do so. Yet despite my writing urges, I must say my mini vacation was extraordinary. (at least in my mind it seemed so, everyone had some sort of bored look to em) swimming in a HUGE jacuzzi, running under waterfalls, and (despite me hating the needs our human bodies require in order to survive) feasting in buffet which held things from lasagne, enchiladas, to fortune cookies! I'm a sucker for them, I must admit. (had about 5, heh) but I would say the most thrilling/heart stopping that happened ALL weekend would be escaping 3 snakes while hiking. They had beautiful skin colors/textures that just pulled me in... *ehem* anyways, it was all quiet fun. Now onto the real entry here.....

I was sitting next to my little sister when she flipped the channel to Disney Channel. (which I have to say has taken a turn for the worst since I was a child! But if you like it, then hey do your thing bb) There was this boy band, known as big time rush, singing " famous". While my sister bobbed her head to the beat, I listened to the lyrics, asking if you wanted to ridein a limosine, cut in line, have paparazzi screaming after you, and a whole bunch of other things big time celebrities get with the fame. I'm just wondering though, if some guy with wings and a large beard sneaked into your room at night and asked you, "(insert name here), in my hands I hold the power to give you all the fame and fortune, to turn you into a celebrity. No strings attached, the high can be yours. You in for it?" Now hey, anybody woukd probably pounce at this old man to give them that fame, but do we really see the whole picture? Fame comes in a neat little package, but for that attention you have to give something up. I like to think of it like dealing with the devil. You want to go to those parties, you want the nice clothes, you want your name in lights. But with that you must exchange privacy, your personal "alone time" in which you pick your nose or whatever is your secret pleasure, and you give up every spare minute of your time looking good for the on lookers and paparazzi who are looking for the first chance to tear you down. Kinda like exchanging your soul to me. Let's take a look at Lilo (Lindsey Lohan). When I was young I remember watching her movies and thinking how pretty and talented she was. But now where is she? She's in jail for her abuse of drugs and alcohol, not to mention she looks 10 years older than she should from her indulgences. I really feel bad for her, and hope she finally wakes up now that she will be away from the influence of her "stardom". It really does consume some of us. Being famous brings too many good things that it can never be good. Of course though there have been some stars who didn't go over the edge, so woot woot for them! But I suppose my question is, if that old man came to you offering all the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity, would you take it?
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Sitting inside one of those small, claustrophobic causing cubicles in an office building... The walls are a pale, yellowish white and the sounds of printers, fax machines, and keyboards fill the room to the highest extent possible. No one speaks a word to each other, let alone look up from their computer monitors. When they walk by each others small cubicle squares they don't even crack a grin. How they are able to come to this foreboding place every single day of their hard working lives I will never know. Now I know I have no right to judge people and how or where they choose to work. Maybe they enjoy the silent/no interruptions environment. So they like to concentrate, I'm all for that. But really, does the air really need to be so cold? Could they not take the amount of energy to curve their lips up into a smile? Or use that amount of breath needed to say "Hi," or "Hello,"? Maybe it's just the aura this office emits- it rebounds on everyone's mood. Did the designers of this building consider putting in a few windows? Could the decorators have put in a few flowers, pictures, or even paint the walls a more tasteful color? I know were in a recession and all, but a few fake plants don't cost much and could do a great deal of improvement on the outlook of the rooms. The aura of the office is even getting to me now, I'm not even smiling! Gah! How i loathe such businesses whom believe it is their right to make their employer's lives as shitty as possible, or at least while they are in their territory and are willing to work under their rules. Right now, people are doing absolutely anything to make a buck- so I don't blame them for piling in their resignation papers on the boss's desk. So when the time comes when the economy DOES get better, I will be there to see the looks on their faces when they notice that all those years of unfair treatment toward their employers has caused them to have no one left to work for them- except that guy in the back with beady eyes and a permanent frown etched upon his face, who enjoys the harsh cruelties the environment of this job has to offer.

Writer's Block: Sony Cyber-shot TX5

If you had a waterproof camera, what are the top five things you would want to photograph? Let your imagination run wild.

I would want to photograph...
1. Ocean life under the sea; the fishes, the coral, the seaweed
2. Someone jumping into a swimming pool... from beneath the water
3. The starry night sky, just to see what the sea animals see when they look up into the stars at night
4. A picture of my brother and sister playing underwater karate. Trust me, it looks awsome!
5. A picture of a fishing line/hook in the water. I wanna see why fish are so attracted to them!